*UPDATE: The Launch of She Leads Georgia was a huge success. Wonderful Christian women in leadership were honored by She Leads Georgia Founders, Dr. Alveda King and Dr. Ginger Howard – She Leads delegations joined us from around the country.

It is a blessing to launch She Leads Georgia with a ceremony to acknowledge and commission a diverse group of women of distinction. Please pray with us and join us in celebrating the goodness of God as we give honor and encouragement to the first of many women of faith who are coming forth for such a time as this.

Several SLG Commissioners are involved in The Vision, a new Christian TV Talk Show coming soon in February 2024 on WATC57. Pictured left to right: Day Gardner, Katie Holmes, Alveda King, Destiny Yarbrough, Sherida Lovelace and Ginger Howard.

The Vision TV Show
She Leads Georgia Proclamation - Fulton County Board of Commissioners

Trinity Wicker, a senior at LSU was honored in Washington by She Leads America. Trinity was recognized for her pro life advocacy in Louisiana. Trinity gets her insight and drive from personal experience. Trinity was featured at Fox 44 News. View the article with video Here.

She Leads Georgia, an affiliate of SHE LEADS AMERICA is a faith community of women comprised of many ethnicities, denominations, and backgrounds. As senior leaders engaged in several fields of interest including education, business, government, health and wellness, community outreach, social action, family, life and welfare, media and entertainment and Christian Ministry, we celebrate the accomplishments and impact women of faith are having in all sectors of society. Where peripherals collide, convergence is imminent. As women connect in celebration of what God is accomplishing through our lives, and fueled by Agape Love, collaboration is ignited and change is accelerated to bring faith-based solutions to modern day challenges.